CERTIHASH ‘Sentinel Node’ is a next-generation cybersecurity detection assurance tool, which provides instant file integrity and change monitoring

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CERTIHASH Offers Enterprise Pilot & Government P.o.C. Program

When a network compromise occurs, the impact is remarkably like a bulb blowing on a vintage set of serial Christmas lights; every connected bulb goes out, forcing an intensive search. The impact of a cyber-breach does not just affect the initial victim, but every associated network and system. This is a legacy core infrastructure problem and unfortunately cannot be fixed without first replacing the infrastructure.

DARPA seeking digital asset information for national security

Utilizing the scalable blockchain technology of BSV, our company Certihash embraces the full features, functionalities, and immutability of the blockchain to capture auditable forensic trails of network activity and data integrity.

Blockchain entrepreneurs showcase CERTIHASH Sentinel Node – Cyber Breach Detection

CERTIHASH provides resilient infrastructure that allows for real-time notification when potential events occur on networks. It lowers the timeframe in which a hacker could steal files or do damage, allowing network admins to respond instantly.

Patryk Walaszczyk: What IBM is learning from working with CERTIHASH

IBM and Certihash are in the process of creating and developing the Sentinel Node, a suite of tools on the BSV blockchain that aims to improve cybersecurity. Patryk describes the Sentinel Node as “a product which could potentially be identified […]

Sentinel Node partners with IBM to improve cybersecurity

According to IBM, it takes 212 days on average to detect a network breach and a further 75 days to contain it. Cyberattacks are a massive issue, and on day three of the BSV Global Blockchain Convention, Gregory Ward from […]

Certihash to begin developing an enterprise suite of blockchain information security tools with IBM

CERTIHASH ‘Sentinel Node’ is planned to be a next-generation cybersecurity detection tool that will decrease the overall time to identify a data breach from the average 212 days, significantly reducing the life cycle and total cost of a cyber-attack