CERTIHASH ‘Sentinel Node’ is a next-generation cybersecurity detection assurance tool, which provides instant file integrity and change monitoring

CERTIHASH Sentinel Node


Sentinel Node partners with IBM to improve cybersecurity

According to IBM, it takes 212 days on average to detect a network breach and a further 75 days to contain it. Cyberattacks are a massive issue, and on day three of the BSV Global Blockchain Convention, Gregory Ward from SmartLedger/Certihash took the stage with Patryk Walaszczyk from IBM Consulting to tell us about Sentinel Node, a new suite of tools being developed on the BSV blockchain to improve cybersecurity.

Delving into the partnership with Certihash, Walaszczyk explains that IBM was best positioned to understand the needs of Certihash’s enterprise customers and that it doesn’t just want to work on developing Sentinel Node but on promoting it, too. He says that BSV is the right technology choice for enterprises, calling it an “enterprise-ready blockchain.” He highlights BSV’s low fees, massive scaling potential, and secure platform as reasons for viewing BSV favorably. He notes that many enterprise and corporate customers have mental barriers to embracing blockchain technology, but he believes IBM will be able to help to overcome them.

“BSV is the right choice because of the predictably low costs,” Walaszczyk goes on, outlining how enterprise clients need to be able to project what costs will be and need them to be stable. He also mentions BSV’s scalability, noting how enterprises will want to build solutions that are scalable by design.