CERTIHASH ‘Sentinel Node’ is a next-generation cybersecurity detection assurance tool, which provides instant file integrity and change monitoring

CERTIHASH Sentinel Node


DARPA seeking digital asset information for national security

Certihash grew out of the SmartLedger project. SmartLedger’s Chief Development Officer Greg Ward commented on DARPA’s new initiative. BSV Blockchain, he noted, is the perfect blockchain, the perfect platform, and technology for facilitating both privacy as well as proper law enforcement capabilities.

However, this is only possible “when blockchain technology developers implement certain alert keys, or flagging mechanisms, miners follow court-ordered transaction and address blacklists, only confirming and acknowledging blocks with legal transaction within, and exchanges only follow the chain-tip of legally constructed blocks (containing no flagged transactions),” he said.

The original Bitcoin protocol did feature such an alert key, but it was deprecated and later removed in the mid-2010s—purportedly amid BTC Core developers’ fears the key may have been compromised or could be too powerful in the wrong hands. This has left the current BTC without any system-wide alert mechanism that could freeze UTXOs or address software bugs, with developers relying instead on informal networks to communicate with miners. 

Ward also addressed concerns that DARPA’s latest investigation into the blockchain and digital currency ecosystem will limit or destroy any chance of free-market success, saying:

“In order to have a stable market, safe for consumers (no anonymity and or scammers without identity), private but not anonymous, having enforce-ability of contracts, and capable of holding liable actors accountable for their actions, it is of utmost importance that we examine these topics closely.” 

Existing as it does on the scalable BSV blockchain, Certihash is well-positioned to develop tools to deal with these issues, Ward added. It would bode the government well to take a closer look at BSV’s capabilities and how these could be used to create robust security systems.

“Utilizing the scalable blockchain technology of BSV, our company Certihash embraces the full features, functionalities, and immutability of the blockchain to capture auditable forensic trails of network activity and data integrity. With this, we are able to show regulators that beyond the crypto casino that has been the source of many scams and reason for regulatory frameworks, there is a world of next-generation tools that blockchain brings the world, never before possible,” Ward explained. 

“The government, as well as the public, should have better access to understand the multitude of fraud pervading the crypto markets, as well as come to a better and more fuller understanding of the powers of the original Bitcoin design and blockchain’s intended design, secure data, instant financial settlement, asset management, trustless transactions, and extreme availability, and ultra efficiency,” he added.

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