CERTIHASH ‘Sentinel Node’ is a next-generation cybersecurity detection assurance tool, which provides instant file integrity and change monitoring


Sentinel Node
Offers Cyber Breach Detection Assurance

Fast Sentinel Node Setup

Faster Setup

White-glove onboarding, installation and configuration of agent software is included.

Fast Sentinel Node Detection

Faster Detection

Enjoy instant file integrity and change monitoring of network anomalies and events.

Fast Sentinel Node Response

Faster Response

Mitigate the overall time to identify a data breach saving time, money and reputation.



faster than today’s standard detection average



faster than today’s advanced detection average


Mission Critical

faster than today’s mission critical detection average


Fastest Detection

Sentinel Node offers the fastest detection time available

How long does the installation of Sentinel Node take?

With Sentinel Node’s white-glove service, a typical onboarding takes less than 45 minutes.

Does Sentinel Node collect our organization's data?

No. Sentinel Node next-generation algorithms enable extreme detection without collecting raw organizational data.

Does Sentinel Node protect against internal and external actors?

Yes. Sentinel Node analyzes changes across all monitored logs, recording and alerting anomalies and attacks, and immutably maintaining an audit trail of all suspicious activities.

Introducing Sentinel Node

Developed with IBM Consulting

Built With Care

We have taken great pride in the responsibility and preparation of our CERTIHASH Sentinel Node offering, all Integrity controls have been deployed to preserve the base level of security throughout the development process.

Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability

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Access Sentinel Node

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CERTIHASH Sentinel Node agent software will collect, hash, and provide detection alerts of any monitored network log or system files at 10 second intervals, over 4000x faster than today’s standard SIEM detection tools.